We may be able to help if :

1) You are currently working outside IR35 but are being asked to move inside IR35 by your current client, or, you are offered a contract inside IR35 but would like to work outside

2) You can answer 'Yes' to Q2 on the flowchart below

3) Your expertise is aligned to the services KNG Partnership provide, ref KNG Consulting Services

If you think we can help please get in touch

When the rules apply :-

"From 6 April 2021 the way the rules are applied will change.

All public sector authorities and medium and large-sized private sector clients will be responsible for deciding if the rules apply.

If a worker provides services to a small client* in the private sector, the worker’s intermediary will remain responsible for deciding the worker’s employment status and if the rules apply."

* KNG Partnership are a small private sector company, as defined in the UK Government Guidance Notes (Section 9.1), dated 31st December 2020.

HMRC Rules

HMRC Workflow