The popular thought is that cyber security threats, such as malware attacks, hacking, denial-of-service attacks and ransomware, are much more frequent than insider attacks. The unpopular reality is that workforce complacency is the single most frequent root cause of all of the challenges faced in today's cyber security world.

Your employees are your greatest asset. They can also inadvertently be the primary cause of corporate data breaches and leaks. The vast majority of these leaks are not malicious but are purely down to complacency or a lack of understanding.  No Company can afford any one of the following :-

  • Loss of customer or staff information

  • Loss of reputation

  • Loss of financial information

  • Loss of intellectual property

  • Loss of marketing advantage

KNG Partnership - a Micro Focus Premier Partner, can help you control access to directories, systems and data - from the inside - 24/7 - at the right price.  We have over 40 years experience at Senior Management / CIO / ITD level and specialise in providing consulting delivery services guiding our customers from the feasibility, design and planning stage through to solution delivery and project sign-off.

Micro Focus IAM Services deliver a complete, yet affordable solution to control who has access to what across your enterprise—both inside the firewall and into the cloud.  It enables you to provide secure and convenient access to critical information for business users, while meeting compliance demands.